Over the last couple decades a revolution has taken place in the roofing industry. Instead of having to rely upon the traditional wood, metal, and tile roofs that were the norm, a new kind of roofing material made out of fully-recyclable polymers (like DaVinci Roofscapes™), or those made out of metal and covered with tiny rock chips (see our Decra™ and Gerard® pages) have taken off. These new roofing options offer many of the advantages of the older styles of roof with the new advantages of extreme longevity and many more possibilities in terms of styles and colors. At Elite Exteriors Roofing and Restoration in Hot Springs we sell and install only the best of the best, and we would love to help you choose the perfect new roof for your home. Read on to find out about some of the advantages of these new kinds of roofing materials.

polymerroof_blog_innerimageThese Roofs are Strong

One of the most important advantages of metal and polymer roofing is their strength. Not only are all of these roofs fully walkable, they’re also constructed of materials that are able to withstand inclement and extreme weather much better than their traditional counterpoints. Unlike wood shingles and shake, there is nowhere on a polymer roofing panel to split along natural weak points. This means that even in extreme hail or wind there are no structurally unsound parts of a polymer or metal roof that can create a chain reaction of roofing failure. Even the rock chip-covered roofs that we carry don’t suffer in hail the way that regular metal roofs can. The rock chip coating protects them from dents and keeps the inside of your house quieter. These roofs also last much longer than the older style of roofs.

polymerroof_blog_innerimage2These Roofs Look Amazing

If you’ve always wanted a traditional Spanish tile roof or a beautiful, Old World-style shake roof but couldn’t afford it, a new polymer or metal roof installed by Elite Exteriors in the style you’ve always dreamed of is possible. Browse all of the choices and get the one that makes your house look as perfect as you’ve always known it could look.

Call us today to find out about all of the different options available for a new roof for your home. At Elite Exterior Roofing and Restorations we love helping our Hot Springs clients get the roof that looks perfect for their home!