Decra offers the oldest, most reliable, line of stone coated steel roofing. Since creating the first stone coated steel roofing in 1957, they have offered a large selection of styles to choose from that flawlessly mimic other materials like tile, villa tile, shake shingles, or traditional shingles. With all of the styles and colors that Decra can offer, Elite Exteriors can install the perfect Decra roof to any kind of home, from traditional to modern and everything in between. These roofs not only add a ton of curb appeal, but they can also save you money and a lot of future headaches, especially if you live in an area full of unpredictable and extreme weather and temperature swings.

Decra stone coated steel roofing is rated extremely well against lightning, rain, and hail, while keeping the interior of your home quiet and comfortable. Many owners of a Decra roof have also seen their energy costs reduced during summer and winter months. If you want to conserve even more energy, Decra roofing systems can be installed over a pre-existing roof to maximize energy efficiency.

Their interlocking system creates unmatched durability which is reflected in the limited lifetime warranty that they offer. With installation by a qualified roofer like Elite Exteriors you can be sure that your new Decra roof won’t just look amazing, but that it will last your family for as long as possible.


  • Lightweight stone coated steel material
  • Great color selection
  • Great selection of styles that are nearly indistinguishable from tile, shake, and shingle
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Walkable
  • Requires very little maintenance for upkeep

If you’re curious about if a Decra roof is right for your home, or if you know that Decra is the right roof and you want to get started, call us at Elite Exteriors Roofing and Restoration today.