Duro-Last is one of the roofing options that we think is perfect for many commercial jobs. It’s very effective at resisting fire and a large number of chemicals that might come into contact with your roof. It also has a great warranty, and can help keep your energy costs in check.

The Duro-Last Material

Duro-Last is a single ply, custom-sized, PVC membrane roofing solution that is prefabricated for your individual roof before it is installed by an authorized roofing installer. This saves time and money because there are no material overages – the size you need is the size you get. It also helps protect against leaks by having fewer seams.

Duro-Last Warranties

Duro-Last also offers several warranties, including the Ultra and the Supreme warranties. The Ultra warranty covers both materials and labor, with available high wind and hail coverage. The Supreme warranty offers consequential damage coverage.

Money Saving Advantages

With Duro-Last you get a roof that is guaranteed to last for a good amount of time. Because the process doesn’t involve a lot of waste, you don’t spend extra money on materials that won’t end up being used. Conversely, you’ll never have to wait for more material to show up if it was under-ordered. Duro-Last is also reflective, so throughout the year, and especially during summer and winter, your energy costs will be lower thanks to the material’s ability to reflect up to 88 percent of solar energy.


  • Comes in three thicknesses: 40,50, and 60 mil.
  • Accessories are available to cleanly and quickly accommodate any rooftop fixtures like skylights and vents
  • Duro-Last meets or exceeds major national wind and fire codes, along with most stricter regional codes

Call us at Elite Exteriors Roofing and Restoration to set up an appointment. As authorized Duro-Last installers we can come check out your roof in order to get the ball rolling.